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18,26 EUR*
Details A Walk Among The Tombstones

Private investigator Matthew Scudder is hired by a drug kingpin to find out who kidnapped and murdered his wife.

7,49 EUR*
Details Dark Descendant (Nikki Glass, Band 1)

Dark Descendant Nikki Glass, a private investigator with unfailing manhunting skills, finds out that she is descended from the goddess Artemis. Full description

13,11 EUR*
Details A Most Peculiar Circumstance

A Most Peculiar Circumstance Private Investigator Theodore Wilder is on a mission to find Arabella Beckett. But this feisty suffragette may be more trouble than he bargained for! Full description

16,00 EUR*
Details Peacocks Kill

A retired private investigator and amateur archaeologist discovers the murdered body of a young man in her cottage whose identity is revealed by her visiting niece. Matilda and Ella are totally unprepared for the incredible journey taking them from ...

9,99 EUR*
Details Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

Apparently not much; until Dirk Gently, self-styled private investigator, sets out to prove the fundamental interconnectedness of all things by solving a mysterious murder, assisting a mysterious professor, unravelling a mysterious mystery, and eating ...

13,88 EUR*
Details Half Moon Rising

Half Moon Rising bizarre connection between a werewolf and a woman reveals the truth behind a packs discarded magic lore.Private Investigator CJ Duncan can track a scent better than a bloodhound. Lately, unsettling visions of a wolf prevent her from ...

21,23 EUR*
Details The Invisible Ones

The Invisible Ones Small-time private investigator Ray Lovell veers between paralysis and delirium in a hospital bed. But before the accident that landed him there, he'd been hired to find Rose Janko, the wife of a charismatic son of a traveling Gypsy ...

26,00 EUR*
Details Vintage photo of Galen Kelly standing.

Size Size of photo 4.8" x 6.5"  Galen Kelly is a private investigator and Cult Awareness Network-associated deprogrammer. This photograph originates from the International Magazine Services photo archive. IMS was a editorial photo archive in ...

13,58 EUR*
Details Trail of the Spellmans: Document #5

Trail of the Spellmans Now in paperback, the fifth installment in the critically acclaimed, bestselling, Edgar Award-nominated series about a fearless private investigator Izzy Spellman and her quirky, yet endearing, family of sleuths. Full description

14,11 EUR*
Details V is for Vengeance

V is for Vengeance Las Vegas, 1986. A young college graduate is murdered when he is unable to pay back a loan. Two years later private investigator Kinsey Millhone finds herself assisting to apprehend a shoplifter - Audrey Vance - in a shopping centre ...

13,50 EUR*
Details Jabril: Vampires In America

Jabril Houston, Texas, is home to Jabril Karim, one of the eight powerful Vampire Lords who control all of North America. In Jabril, Private Investigator Cynthia Leighton confronts a true enemy, one who will go to any lengths to satisfy his lusts ...

9,81 EUR*
Details Scrambled Hard-Boiled

Scrambled Hard-Boiled is classic American Noir where life isn't painted in black or white, only in brutal shades of grey. When you need to hire a bastard to get the job done, contact Jay Dafoe, private investigator. He's in the Yellow Pages. Dafoe is ...

6,67 EUR*
Details Sherlock Holmes, Unlimited

Private investigators try to get to the core of an unusual crime hidden behind the closed doors of a decent facade. Unfolding one layer of the crime they open up the next one. Who and why wants to destroy the victims? Does sin matter, after all?

12,81 EUR*
Details Castle: Richard Castle's Storm Season

In this 'adaptation' of Derrick Storm's second novel, the private investigator is hired to bug the hotel suite of an African head of state - but what should have been a routine mission quickly spirals out of control when Storm overhears a woman's ...

14,58 EUR*
Details Searching for Oliver K. Woodman

Searching for Oliver K. Woodman Imogene Poplar, a private investigator made of wood, is sent by a reporter and Tameka's Uncle Ray in search of the missing Oliver K. Woodman, and her journey is related through the letters and postcards of those she ...

14,49 EUR*
Details Ebony Eyes: A Murder Mystery

Haliey Velck, Private Investigator, is pulled into a multiple murder investigation by her long time friend and cop, Bobby Stein. Using her own methods, and with the help of the leading pathologist, Doctor Rye Jackson, she is quickly on the trail of a ...

16,08 EUR*
Details Call of Cthulhu Lcg: The Wailer Below

The Wailer Below, the fourth Asylum Pack in The Yuggoth Contract cycle for Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game, continues the story of Erin Moirai and Tyler Scindere, while introducing exciting new cards like Sam Archer: Private Investigator, the ...

7,49 EUR*
Details Ten Long Years Level 1 Beginner/Elementary (Cambridge English Readers)

Award-winning original fiction for learners of English. At seven levels, from Starter to Advanced, this impressive selection of carefully graded readers offers exciting reading for every student's capabilities. New York private investigator Nat Marley ...

30,58 EUR*
Details Vintage photo of Tom Selleck and Jilly Mack

Size Size of photo 7.0" x 5.0"  Jerry WatsonThomas William "Tom" Selleck is an American actor and film producer. He is best known for his starring role as the private investigator Thomas Magnum in the television series Magnum, P.I., based in Hawaii ...

12,92 EUR*
Details D Is for Deadbeat (Kinsey Millhone Mysteries (Paperback))

My name is Kinsey Millhone. I'm a private investigator ...female, single and self-employed, with a constitutional inability to work for anyone else. I'm a purist when it comes to justice, but I'll lie at the drop of a hat. Inconsistency has never ...

23,15 EUR*
Details Sleight of Hand: A Novel of Suspense (Dana Cutler Series, Band 4)

Sleight of Hand LP Private investigator Dana Cutler must take down a cunning psychopath before he can pull off the perfect crime, in Sleight of Hand, a novel of suspense from Phillip Margolin, New York Times bestselling author of Capitol Murder and ...

31,95 EUR*
Details The Helsinki Chronicles of Dr. Louise C. Love and Mr. P.: Six Adventures in Finland's Capital

The Helsinki Chronicles of Dr. Louise C. Love and Mr. P. Follow the thrilling exploits of Dr. Louise C. Love, the world's most brilliant and glamorous private investigator. Her Humble Chronicler and Mr. P., their ubiquitous quadruped, join her in ...